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While giving it to a girl from behind, spit on the arch of her back and moan as if you have completed, when she turns to thank you, blow your load in her face and yell, "Abra Kadabra Bitch!!!" or some other magic word, to give it the hudini effect
"I was giving it to shannon last night and pulled a hudini, when she turned around i shot it in her face and yelled SHAZZAM
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004
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Theres another definition to this one which has not yet been said.
It is when a dude is fuckin some girl doggy style.
Then switches with a friend.
Then runs out the window and waves to the girl.
Dude, yesterday i scared the shit out of that girl by pulling a hudini.
by The Crepster July 01, 2005
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doing a girl from behind, spitting on her lower back, making the oh sound, then when she turns around, nut on her face (some prefer the hudini-zombie combo)

a.k.a. "sneaky steve"
I gave Susan the hudini, and now she has a lazy eye
by boregard November 26, 2006
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a sexual remover where the male is getting a feamle from the back. while doing this he pulls out and spits on her back. when the female turns around he busts in her eyes and all over her face.
"dude i gave her a hudini last night
by shane March 13, 2004
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While doing a girl from behind spit on her back while moaning she will inevidably think the deed has been done when it is only just the begging. After she pulls away and faces u then "surprise" blow your load right in that tricks face. Just like Hudini would have done
I had to take Betsy to the hospital after a well placed Hudini caught her in both eyes
by Fred March 24, 2005
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to fuck a girl, spit on her back to maker her think you blew your load, and when she turns around, bust your nut in her face.
"Hey, are you done yet....yea *spit*. Wow, that was great *cum on her face, point and laugh*"
by steveb March 13, 2003
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OK so this is how it goes, you fuck her from behind spit on her back to make her think you blew the load, then when she turns around you shot it in her face, you appologize to her and tell her you'll get a towell, but instead you just haul ass outta there.
"Dude i gave that bitch a hudini last night!"
by Ka-Five March 14, 2005
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