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to fuck a girl, spit on her back to maker her think you blew your load, and when she turns around, bust your nut in her face.
"Hey, are you done yet....yea *spit*. Wow, that was great *cum on her face, point and laugh*"
by steveb March 13, 2003
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A person who is half Japanese and half Chinese.
Person 1: What nationality are you?
Person 2: I'm Jinese.
by SteveB August 23, 2004
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Another way to tell someone to fuck off.
Bob: Ayo cuh, I got dis maaad weed yo, dis shit is off teh heezy!

Dave: Drugs are bad, die2u2.
by SteveB August 28, 2004
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v. Southern/gangster term meaning to punch or hit.
Ayo cuh, if ya'll keep trippin I'm gon stick ya'll nigguhs in yo face
by SteveB December 19, 2004
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One who is half Chinese and half Japanese.

See jinese.
See that chink? He's Chapanese.
by SteveB August 25, 2004
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When many males all stack up on the shitter, each sitting on the lap of the person below them. They spread their legs and the shit falls down into the toilet.
paul, steve, mel and andrew shitstacked it together
by SteveB August 23, 2004
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