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An individual who plays Ultimate and is also a fuckboy.
(Portmanteau of huck and fuckboy)
Girl: "Wow that guy is so cute and he is so good at Ultimate and also kendama and probably sex."
Friend: "Don't waste your time on him. Trust me, he's a total huckboy."
Girl: "Dafuq u mean?"
Friend: "I hooked up with him a while back and he couldn't find my clitoris and then he kicked me out because he had to go to Ultimate practice. And he kept counting 'stall 1, stall 2...' every time he put it in. He didn't even make it to ten."
Girl: ...
Friend: "He kept saying 'suck my disc' over and over again like he was the funniest shit."
by maijathedestroyer November 16, 2015
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