2 definitions by Framer

When you’re taking a shit and are able to break the log off without leaving any shit residue behind on your asshole.
“Damn, I had a clean breaker! I didn’t need to use any toilet paper at all!”


“Man, I wasn’t able to shit the whole log out before I broke it off and now I have shit on my asshole. I was hoping for a clean breaker but now I’m gonna have to wipe my asshole a lot!”
by Framer May 27, 2018
Like a grill for a man's dick tip, it is a gold, silver, or diamond encrusted cap for a man's dick head. It is a fitted cover that can fit on any circumcised or uncircumcised penis.
Bro, Stephanie totally fucked me after seeing my hub caps.

Dude nice hub cap, your dick is iced the fuck out

Bro is that a grill on your penis? Nice hub cap

Awe babe, your hub cap makes you so much hotter
by Framer February 11, 2017