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HSPVA (High School for the Performing and Visual Arts) was the first ever magnet high school founded in 1971. It is located in Houston, Texas and was originally built to help the integration by helping kids come together through a common interest of fine arts rather than race.

The departments include art (visual), dance (mostly modern and ballet, but some jazz and tap integrated as well), theatre (including but not limited to technical and musical), and music (instrumental and vocal).

HSPVA is not a typical high school in the sense that it is one big family. There is no real drama uproars and pretty much everyone is friends with everyone else. Respect and tolerance is a big deal and greatly a part of PVA's environment.

To go to PVA, you must audition. It is pretty tough to get into, and each art area's criteria vary. You may audition for multiple, but can only go for one. The scheduales are half a day of your academics (typically English, Math, Social Studies/History, Spanish or French, and Science) and the other half if your art area.
hspva is the the best high school ever
by a student at this school September 10, 2008
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an artistic school located in houston texas
the art areas are voice, theatre, dance, art, musical theatre
there are the typical art freaks
the typical dance preps
and the typical choir "song lovers" who go around singing 24/7
the best art area has to be the dancers
there are a few obnoxious dancers named robbie moore and blair bohny
there are also a few cool ones who arent loud
there are mostly 5 dance studios
Bohny's En Toure
North Harris Performing ARts
Masters Upper Level
all others don't really matter.

In the art classification
there are many goths/punks
you dont see very much pink in there area

the commons area is pretty much the coolest most pimped out ghetto area ever
i love it though.
my favorite teacher has to be the biology teacher

he just knows so much about everything
i recommend him for a helping hand
My friend Lindsay went to HSPVA to try out for the theatre department.
by Miscelss November 13, 2006
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