A fat-Cock swinging man of German decent. Typically bottoms out trailer park ho's.
John Holmes Really Gave the householder to that girl in the movie.
by GaiaEnviro December 14, 2014
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When you get scammed by some fat trailer park douche.

They get payment, and never household up their end of the deal, instead block you from all communications and refuse to return calls.
Dude, I made a trade with this guy online. I sent him his stuff, but then he blocked me. I think I just got householdered.
by fuhnetic February 13, 2014
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The act of shoving an object, such as the tail of a cat, into your "household" for sexual satisfaction
Person 1: Why did your cat cheapx just limp out of your sisters room??
Person2: Oh she must have been householding it really hard earlier
Person 1: oh
by Cheapx December 7, 2009
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Term used by military member to refer to their spouse. Household 6 runs things at home not only everyday but also while their spouse is away during deployments, TDYs, and training. Often raising the couples children alone, handling PCSes alone, and anything where a POA is needed for their spouse. Name originated in two parts, Household for where the spouse spends most of their time, and 6 is a designation for a commander of a Company/Troop, Battalion/Squadron, Brigade/Regiment, Division or Corps.
Last minute training, good thing my Household 6 packed my bag.
by milspouse89 January 23, 2012
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when in your family there is that one huge bitch that doesn't do anything all day and just complains about life.
"omfg, you should shoot your household bitch".
"ya ik".
by pochypizzle November 23, 2010
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Some kids in Nigeria or Niger have gotten slapped, thrown, shouted at, hit, and embarrassed.
A lot of people from a Nigerian Household is an excellent friend, cute and funny.
Yo! Have you heard of that kid from the Nigerian Household?

Yeah he is pretty cool ngl.
by Amogus_54644544 July 26, 2023
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household ex is either (1) when your parents loved your partner so much that they decided to adopt after the breakups or (2) an ex boyfriend that still hangs out with the ex girlfriends family and vice versa
ex: “when your little sisters new boyfriend meets the household ex”

what scott is to the kardashians
by charliecharlis January 5, 2023
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