male submissive in gay or straight relationship who does housework in return for humiliation, sexually degrading acts etc rather than money payment. Some house boys do the work without reward (it's its own reward being spoken to sternly by your mistress); some are basically sex slaves. House boys can be 'live in' or more usually are expected to come in on a regular basis. So, for example, a man in an otherwise straight relationship might seek to 'moonlight' as a house boy for a group of female students etc.
When Gemma and Becky came back from lectures early, they caught Alan the 35 year house boy furtively masturbating over Hannah's high heeled shoes again.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
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During slavery, a favored, nice-looking male chattel who was a servant for the his owner's family inside the big house. Envied and often detested by other slaves his age. What is little known is his special bedroom service to the mistress of the house when the master was gone especially if he was near or over eighteen years of age.
Marse Connell returned from Utlanna a full night early and found Sam and Miss Nellie in bed together, a candle glistening on Sam's naked back when Marse pulled back the bed covers. Marse walked down the hall, got a double barrel shotgun, returned to the bedroom and blew Sam away.
by Richard Black March 21, 2005
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