Someone who has a hot or goodlooking head. A word normally used as a compliment towards someone of the opposite gender.
Wowee she has a hothead.
by EffectiveTeaching September 02, 2017
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The act of setting someone’s hair on fire to send a message.
I gave that girl a colombian hothead, it smelled terrible but i sent that bitch a clear message.

In Modern Family Gloria explained what the true meaning of a colombian hothead was.
by Rsdbaat June 10, 2020
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Nickname of Senator John McCain (Rep-AZ), bestowed upon by several publications because of the hot temper he exude when being asked questions by reporters.
Reporter: "Senator McCain, did you have a conversation with Senator Kerry in the 2004 election?"

Senator Hothead: "Yes, bitch!! You know damn well I did!! Now back the fuck off!!"

Reportor: "To follow up, what did you guys talk about?"

Senator Hothead: "Bitch, it was a goddamn private conversation!!"
by mnihnuht March 07, 2008
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