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1. Wild, dirty porno sex triggered by the anonymous, one-night-only, set-like quality of a hotel room. After sex, participants may also revel knowing that they made a mess that some random person will clean.

2. Doing it with reckless abandon.
Marty: "Who knew all these months of yoga would pay off last weekend at the Holiday Inn?! Blanche and I tried positions I didn't think were humanly possible!"

Sam: "Ooooh yeah, I love hotel sex! Sometimes after a dry spell, Sheila and I will rent a room at the Knotty Pines for a few hours to jumpstart things again."
by bellhop July 06, 2011
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When two lesbians meet up in a hotel room to watch Notting Hill and Garden State. They never engage in actual intercourse but the intimacy of this event is extremely powerful and usually life-affirming.
Girl, I want to have Hotel Sex with you!
by smokedweedandsalmon May 11, 2016
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