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A term used by the local bogans of Adelaide to describe food which causes discomfort due to its hot or spicy nature. The word hot tongue results from the affected individuals inability to articulate the sentence, 'This food is too hot for my tongue.', thus they remove all but the 5th and 8th words. Now there is some conjecture over whether this is as a result of the spicy food inhibiting the person from articulating things accurately, or whether they're just retarded. The latter has gained more and more support recently, after examining the pronunciation of the word. When exclaimed, the phrase should sound almost like a goose were honking the word.
Tamra Karolewicz jumped up from the table shrieking "HOT TONGUE! HOT TONGUE, HOOOOOOT TONGUE!", much to the confusion of her friends. Running to the kitchen she drank from the tap in order to satiate the burn. As she turned back to the table she was me with her friend's stares, their faces ranging from incredulous to embarrassed for knowing her. One thing's for sure, they would never allow her to eat spicy food in public.
by The Word Doctor. July 15, 2010
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