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Martin Bashir's thrice-weekly routine of hiring a transgendered sex worker (often former CNN correspondent and sex toy enthusiast Richard Quest) to dress up like Sarah Palin and defecate into his mouth.

Originally coined by Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld.
Why does Martin Bashir pay so much for a hot marty? Because it's the only way he can get off, and Bill Schulz sucks.
by Gunnar Gutfeld December 10, 2013
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A sexual act in which a middle eastern journalist releases his bowels into your open mouth. This term was made popular by Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld during a Redeye episode in December 2013.
Mike: Teresa, would you like me to crap in your mouth?
Teresa: No.
Mike: Well then how about i just give you a hot marty?
Teresa: Okay.
by rackin December 07, 2013
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