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The same as a hot carl, but following a large mexican style meal. Also known as a Burrito Bomb.
Juanita loves to have the hot carlos experience after a long night of drinking margaritas.
by RPil July 25, 2006
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The act of defecating on someone's face while he is being garrotted (strangled with a cord or wire).
While Clemenza worked the garrotte, Tessio administered the coup de grace, a steaming Hot Carlo.
by Zebra1 June 23, 2010
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The act of taking a dump on a hard surface like a counter or a table and fucking the hell out of your own crap. Not to be confused with the Hot Carl wich requires a female partner's boobs.
-Yo dude, you wanna come to the club and find some chicks?
-Nha dogg, I'm cool. Call me Hot Carlos but I'm gonna stay home and fuck my own shit.
-LOL dude, I'm gonna think about you when I'm doing a Hot Carl to a big breasted chick.
by hotcarl4u September 17, 2007
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A powerful prank that will leave your friends in tears after a long night of drinking.(Although intoxication is not required it helps.) The Hot Carlos is a combination of the Hot Karl and The dirty Sanchez in which one defecates into a sock, preferably a soccer sock, that has a hole in it. The individual then finds a very intoxicated being and proceeds to smack them in the face with the hole covered sock, thus leaving a smear of poo underneath the drunken individuals nose.The mark should resemble that of a Hispanic mans mustache.
Dude what happened to your face

You gave me a hot Carlos you asshole

Oh so that's where I shit last night
by elud December 03, 2008
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