Hooroo is a distinctively Australian way of saying “goodbye”.

The "truly wondrous fantasmagorically splendiferously magickal word hooroo" (credited to someone's Uncle Wally) echoes two likely sources.

It's a bit of a joyous exclamation, as in "Hooroo! hooroo!

hooray!" (Darby O'Gill), and it's also something of an owl's hoot, as in "the proper hooroo, hooroo" (The Sword in the Stone).

"For my part, I do believe I should go quite insane, were I to live in {a} Land where people wandered around screaming, 'HOOROO' at one- another". said Werewolfy"

by Uncle Walter Esquire June 12, 2009
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goodbye - origin unknown, possibly Australian
"see you later"
by gary sml January 13, 2003
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An Australian way of say goodbye. Originates from the practice of lonely guys out in the bush, who after meeting and talking of their plight would often say goodbye before going off to "Hoo a Roo". Roo is a shortened name for the Kangaroo and Hoo comes from the sound said Kangaroo makes when surprised from behind.

Guys would say "Time to Hoo a Roo" on parting and this gradually became shortened to Hooroo.
Bruce: Crikes it's getting late, mate, I should probably get back.
Shelia: No worries, mate, see you for the shearing competition tomorrow. Hooroo.
Bruce: Hooroo
by Boonaroo September 23, 2011
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