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going on a hoo ride is basiacally a mix of smoking weed, doing all sorts of drugs drive bys and overall gansta activities
A: yoh homies what yall wanna doo
B: lets go on a hoo ride in some squares turf
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to enjoy yourself at the expense of others.
1. at the party, you go and fill your pockets with beers from the fridge.
2. you see that fool you cant stand and get in his grill and clown his sorry ass.
3.buckwiling, getting krunk, rolling deep, basically, hooriding...
by devdawgula November 29, 2003
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To join a party of people on their way to a destination without first asking for or receiving an invitation to tag along.
Don't worry about getting a cab, we'll just hoo-ride with shorty over there.
by Spreewell July 14, 2008
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"who - ride" a broken and/or visually unpleasant vehicle. A poor mans car in the ghetto. Slang for "hooptie"
Here comes my people in the hooptie muffler draggin
Ain't been in the hooride long
And the 2 liter of Moon Mist is almost gone

Lyrics by Twiztid from "First Day Out"
by Aaron Krenz September 28, 2005
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A party in a car, largely as a result of bangin' music on the radio. Most common in Southern New Mexico, Las Cruces and surrounding areas.
I always listen to Damien and Danny G on the 5 O'Clock Hoo-Ride on Hot 103.
by damien February 02, 2005
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to make fun of someone publicly. to point out an individual's flaws to your peers.
me and my nigga chuy was walkin down East 14th st. when we saw this bitch sweatin the curls out her weave. We proceeded to hoo-ride until we got to roscoe's chicken and waffles where we got our grub on."
by jewbacca510 July 18, 2010
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