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A person who is a honger does NOT have to have been born in Hong Kong but are usually of an asian race. Hongers are usually interested in the fashions and music of H.K and don't necessary speak chinse 24/7. Not all hongers are rich spoiled brats that fling there money everywhere and spend it lavishly on cell phones or clothes. He/She doesn't have to be horrible in english or permantly resides in ESL classes. The 'weird clothes' in my opinion are actually quite nice, and the clothes that are actually being sold now in english malls are actually the same as the style that was 'in' in HK last year or two years ago. If you're dissing honger clothes, then you're dissing the popular and 'in' clothes that you buy from english malls. Many of the definitions here diss hongers and i'm assuming that the authors of these definitions come from english speaking countries which are probably the U.S and Canada. If it is, isn't the U.S and Canada supposed to be supportive of multi-cultralism? If it is, then these dissers are the ones who don't belong to these countries and not the hongers. At least hongers don't diss other cultures. Everyone is free to express there own cultures and background and shouldn't feel ashamed of it.
i'm a honger, but i'm a CBC. I still listen to english songs even though i may listen to chinse songs for a longer part of the time. I also get A's in many subjects including english and i don't get huge amounts of money to spend.
by Multi-cultralism? April 25, 2005
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Hongers are people who are either born in hongkong or their parents are from hongkong.
Personally I don't think that people who speak Cantonese and not from hongkong are hongers.
hongers are different from the Chinese from mainland china I believe, they have last names like : Chan ,Wong lee,chow.when people from mainland china have last names like : chen,huang,li,zhou
learn to love hongers
not all of them are mean
by 18.13 March 23, 2008
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-All a Honger is is a person who came to Canada from Hong Kong in the late 80's and early 90's. It was generally assumed they were buying citizen insurance out of fear that Chinese Communists would remove Hong Kong from the free market. Canadians generally believed that these new people from Hong Kong did not have any knowledge of Canadian people or Canadian culture. Canadians were also insulted by their seemingly aloofness to not wanting to learn about Canada.
A Honger is really only a person from this generational time frame. Children born to Honger parents but born in Canada and brought up in Canada should not be defined as Hongers but more correctly as Canadians. In fact, they shouldn’t even be defined as CBC's but, rather simply "Canadian."
As for all the pop-culture stuff that people talk about here to define people by race -its a bunch of crap -you should get out and travel the world and see how far popular culture travels and see how many different people it touches.
Hongers cut down trees to build big houses
by PeterHeff September 29, 2006
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It is quite fun reading these other definitions online, but what the f*ck, most of you are harsh racists. I am Japanese and I know a few hongers. Hongers are from Hong Kong, they are also human beings. There are good and nice ones and there are cocky ones and shitty ones. Just like anyone you see on the street, it's not like all the white people are nice. If you met some cocky hongers and then decide to say ALL hongers are assholes then open you eyes to meet nice hongers.

You guys also have no idea about the clothes they wear. As a matter of fact, most of them all try to be unique. A lot of you think that is gay or such, then again, you are just some old rotting rock that can't even accept any new things. The way the person dress up reflects a lot on the person's personality. Certainly, some are just outragious, but that only means the person has bad taste. If you think always white sweater, blue jeans are good, and everything else is gay. There's no point for you reading the rest of the definition.

Cars, hah, talk about their cars. I have to agree a lot of them are ricers, but how many people out there are also ricers? Damn, those huge bling bling wheels, and those huge ass mufler mustangs. I don't even want to go on.

Don't be a racist. Meet the person, not the race.
Hongers can get 90% in English in high school, as I know of some.
by illux December 08, 2004
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Not all Hongers type with "kekeke" or "hehe =.^~" thing. At least, not to an excess. Besides, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Its just like typing "lol" or "lmao" --simplified onomatopoeias thats all.

I admit, I'm quite honger, although more cbc. I like to wear some of their fashion, and I also love those cute, adorable things (blue bear, babu, mashimaro..however. I don't like Hello Kitty).

And whats with the saying "Hongers aren't good at english."
That is not true. Everyone sucks at a language they've never learned before. Besides, I'm getting top in my English AP class --take that... freakin honger bashers.

Not all hongers are rich. Just like not all white people are. Or brown people. Or blue. Or green. Get my point?
Same goes with personalities, everyone is different, despite their ethnic backgrounds.

So a general definition of hongers can be just simply
1)a person who wears hongkong/jap fashions
2)a person from hong kong
"You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same."

Don't stereotype hongers.
by FMAangel December 25, 2005
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There are two different types of hongers (that I know of) for each gender.

Girl 1: Loud abnoxious and always speaking in chinese and with those cell phones, digital cameras, accessories hanging off the two things, and etc.

Girl 2: Cute adorable girls who love cute things. They are really nice and are really really cute and do cute faces like XD and >.<

Guys 1: Loud abnoxious gangster looking hongers as defined as those above and hang around in little gangster looking groups.

Guys 2: Rich kids, have everything they want, and are smart as hell and are in all the Honours courses at school and school all the little white boys with straight A's

Guys 3 (extra): Perverts

A general classification of "Hongers" are that they almost all play Badminton and suck shit at it and just stand there crying when they miss. They hang in groups all the time and talk really loudly. But they aren't all bad. Some are really smart, some are adorably irresistable.

*note* I like the first guy's definition =D
by *Blinding* November 12, 2004
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