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A job that isn't the best paid but it's useful and legal
Auntie Louisa what do I do now? My girlfriend is pregnant

You get a job and support her the best you can. Even if it's something boring like working in a bakery.

But my mates will laugh at me

There's no shame in honest work that helps you provide for your family
by E.Briggs October 30, 2013
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Work that provides a living. Working 40 hours a week in an honest job pays for the following: Food, a path to pay for a house, hygiene and necessities, vehicular transportation, money to cover that insurance, health insurance and Dental are the basic standards of honest work. Dedicating your body to another's profit should never be rewarded with struggling. If your job doesn't cover the sentence you are an expendable slave. Nothing more, nothing less.
"If America was so fucking star spangled awesome then why can't they take care of their people?" Johnny asked his Dad

"Well Johnny, America is the biggest bully on the playground. The biggest bully bows to nobody, and lies to himself about his problems. Bullies like exercising their power so how do they keep it? They starve their young population into believing the only honest work left is to be a soldier by taking away all of the honest work."

"But Dad how do you beat the bully? There has to be a way for people to have honest work without being a soldier."

"You don't son. The bully has to come to terms with himself and admit his problems, or you team up with everyone else on the playground to take him down. The fun part about that is beating up the bully IS HONEST WORK!"
by Honest Jack August 02, 2016
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