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See homophobephobe

The irrational fear or hatred of others or one’s-self having an irrational fear or hatred of those who identify with a sexual preference other than heterosexual. Bigotry using an intensely hypocritical double standard. Also: outward acts of oppression, discrimination, or violence against minority groups based on their opinions, which seem contrary to the ideals of gay rights activism.
Treating someone who feels sexual orientation can fluctuate with hormones or drug content with prejudice and stigma, or stereotyping as a religious bigot, even when zhe does not fear or hate homosexuals and is not necessarily spiritually inclined, religiously inclined, or both. This is the most common form of homophobephobia.

Specifically: drowning out the message of demonstrators at a pride parade with random noise, or using pink styrofoam walls to cover up their signs. Beating up or "arresting" church groups handing out water bottles at pride parades. Attemping to charge groups with obstruction when the other party was equally if not more at fault.
by TTME September 15, 2007
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Nick: Have you ever attended a gay pride rally?

Noah: No, but I have seen the movie Milk, and I liked it. It's not like I'm a homophobe.

Nick: You suffer from homophobephobia.
by Nicolo P January 03, 2009
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