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person 1: he hates carson coz he's gay?! what a homophobe! i hate all homophobes.
person 2: you're such a homophobephobe
by billyrexona August 09, 2009
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Someone who is afraid or offended by so-deemed "homophobes." First, let me state that "homophobe" actually means "fear of sameness," but of course, stupid people have corrupted its meaning. A more accurate word would be "homophiliphobe" but we can't expect any intelligence in this debate anyway.

Now, a lot of people throwing around the term "homophobe" are morons and ignorant in and of themselves. Please read this "definition" of homophobia:

"Someone who dislikes gay people for no apparent reason, except that they are true to what they are. Most homophobes are uneducated and have probably never met anyone gay. They are bigoted, which automatically means they are unpleasant people."

Right, that's not ignorant at all, since it's been scientifically proven that all homosexuals are "true to who they are," where as straight people (aka the devil) are not. Thanks for clarifying that.

In short, though there are some people who have extremely and inexplicably ignorant views of homosexuals, the opposite is also true.
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Someone who fears those who don't approve of the gay lifestyle or accept it's ubiquitous presence in the entertainment industry and it's corruption of society.
"Don't be such a homophobephobe! Just because I don't approve of 'gayness' doesn't mean I'm radical about it...CHILL JIMMY!"
by rock johny May 05, 2009
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