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Another name for a suicide bomber, coined by Fox News in their quest to become more "fair and balanced." Problem is, homicide bomber is redundant because any idiot who detonatnes any bomb that kills someone, regardless of if it is strapped to his/her body or not, is considered a homicide. The reason the other networks say suicide bomber is because the bomber blows themself up also. See also, Fox News calls the Tsunami disaster the "killer wave" disaster. Way to EDJUMICATE the public, Mr. Murdoch.
Brit Hume - "I am a fat waste of humanity. Much like the homicide bomber who killed 3 Isrealies and himself today"

Me - "Dude, I thought we deleted this channel"
by PDiddle January 31, 2005
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A phrase used soley by the Fox News organization in an attempt at making themselves sound completely retarded. The phrase was conjured up in their Dept. of Redundancy Department, used to convey the fact that bombs kill, to an in-bred white trash television audience with A.D.D. with their thumbs up their asses. Their refusal to use the word suicide stems from their love for the word "Homicide" because it contains the string "homi" which sounds a lot like "homo" which makes the workers in the control room giggle every time it is mentioned on the air.
Bill O'Luffa: The homicide bomber killed 33 people by killing them in a homocidal manner. We're not going to actually let you know HOW he did it, but trust us. He killded them dead. He go bang, they go die-die. We smart. We news peoples. We fare and balunced.

<hee hee hee... Bill said Homo! Did you hear him? He said it right on the air!>
by El Defino November 12, 2006
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A word that is only used on Fox News. The effects of the word "homicide" versus "suicide" in this case help to allign anti-western/Israeli sentiments in Iraq and Israel with those of "Al-Qaeda." They take the criminals and the disinfranchised and those who's families have been ripped apart by the war and lump them together with an easily identifiable threat... Al Qaeda. It's why this war can't be won with bombs or bullets. It's why the tides are turning against the US. It's why the world needs a UN with the authority AND the power to hold even the most powerful countries accountable for their mistakes.
Using the word "homicide bomber" is a clever way to shore up support for the war in Iraq.
by pdad77 March 05, 2006
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A person who plants a bomb that results in at least one homicide.

This generic term can also identify the method used to deliver the bomb. For example, a "suicide bomber" (the phrase that "homicide bomber" was invented to displace) delivers the bomb by killing himself or herself while killing others. Another example is a "mail bomber," who sends his or her murderous bomb by mail, like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

Both of these are different from a more generic "homicide bomber" who personally plants a bomb with the intent “only” to commit homicide, and not suicide.
There are many suicide bombers in the Middle East, but Timothy McVeigh was a homicide bomber.
by John Pothier March 30, 2003
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homicide bombing

n. A bombing that intentionally kills another person; a suicide bombing in which the bomber's primary intent is to kill other people. —homicide bomber, n.

Example Citation:
An experimental government program which uses tiny plastic particles to help trace explosives has led to an arrest in a homicide-bombing case, the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said Monday.
—The Associated Press, June 18, 1979

Earliest Citation:

''We're working systematically very, very hard in arduous conditions,'' Killorin said. ''This is what we know. The man is in the area. We've confirmed that. Absolutely, we're very careful because this person is wanted for a homicide bombing.''
—Kathy Scruggs, "Manhunt for Rudolph expected to drag on," The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, July 22, 1998
by Frank December 07, 2003
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Synonym of suicide bomber. Recent media variation on the term suicide bomber to reflect the fact that bombers often kill other people besides his/herself in the act of detonation.
Another homicide bomber blew herself up in Jerusalem yesterday.
by Bungalow Bill July 26, 2002
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