Homebush is inner west of sydney, where the majority curry population live. They all migrate here and rip-off people with there typical curry habits. The local restaurant is Janani, which is not a licensed shop because they do not wash there plates or clean the restaurant, they keep make their bread in the garage, in conclusion janani is a rubbish place to dine. Airey boys run homebush and most of NSW.
All the sri lankans act hard because they have no other life (other than study). The local high school is Homebush boys, which is very reputed for the reverse racism.
the sri lankan man migrated to homebush
by Arthethan Thirumurthy February 23, 2008
An all-boys school that is located in Homebush.
OMG its the homebush boys
by urmommyisasimp March 22, 2022
it is a word that allows people to get the Kentucky plug 24/7 courtesy of your mom
tessa my homebush pls.
by gawk231 August 23, 2022
This bloke rubs his large belly either circular motion or patting.

HomeBush will blow you away with the amount of Hot wind 🌬️ he dribbles
by Bushfucka101 March 6, 2022