A women who acts or looks like a hoe, but in reality is not
Carly's such a hoeser, she always wears push up bras and low cut shirts, but she never has had sex
by ScottyBoy771 May 09, 2010
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Typically a woman that hangs out with a "bro". (See bro definition below)
"Hoesers" are typically from the 909 or 951 and bleach their hair to the point of looking like straw. They wear a tremendous amount of foundation usually a shade darker or lighter than their own and pink lip gloss. They wear t-shirts with "Holister" or "Abercrombe" plastered on the front and skirts that are typically made for their 7 year old cousins.
When driving in the big lifted trucks with their BRO counterparts, they sit in the middle regardless of whether or not there is someone in the passenger side.

They tend to refer to their fellow Hoesers in some sort of derogatory term i.e. "slut, bitch, cunt, etc"

Hoesers can not handle their liquor and very easy to have sex with. They do throw up often so beware.

Hoesers have big mouths and are often heard yelling things like "wooo!!" or "Rock out with my cock out!!"

(BRO-a usually white young male, found commonly in places like san bernardino county in california, as well as orange county. always, without exception, drive big lifted trucks, often white. has the name of their crew or whatever in big white letters on their back window (ie, "skin", "metal mulisha". wear: trucker hats off center, plug earrings, sunglasses, wife beater shirt or no shirt, sagging dickies shorts, high black socks, skater shoes or those black corduroy slipper things, have a lot of tatoos of things like stars. )
Ensenada is full of hoesers yelling out "rock out with your cock out! WOOO!!"
by Izabizzle1 September 15, 2008
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