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Ensenada is a neighborhood of The Hammocks, FL in Miami-Dade County. It currently has a population of 3,150. Ensenada is 55% Hispanic, 40% black, and 5% other. It is mostly a lower income to middle income neighborhood with 53% of the population below the poverty line, 45% middle class, and only 2% are part of the upper class. Most work minimum wage jobs or low to middle paying professional jobs. Few work higher paying jobs. There used to be alot more local suburban gang activity, but now many of those gangs have fallen apart or moved to other lower income parts of The Hammocks. Reasons for that are unknown. There is still gang activity, but not as much as before. But, Ensenada has some what of a ghetto reputation comparable to ghetto parts of Homestead, FL. About 20% of people in The Hammocks below the poverty line live in Ensenada. The rest of them live in many rental communities surrounding the shopping area of The Hammocks. Crime activity most common in Ensenada include: Vandalism, Assault, Trespassing, Theft, Possession of weapons/drugs, car/bike thefts, Weapon Assault, and some drug dealing. There is an elementary school right across from Ensenada: Gilbert L. Porter Elementary.
Guy 1: Im finna go to Ensenada!
Guy 2: Hecks nah dawg! Ensenada is too ghetto!
by Food-eater45 October 25, 2011
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