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Hoebows are amazing people. They stand up for their friends and never let you down. Usually there is a hoebow at every school, and they're friends with almost everybody there. Some refer to him/her as a hobo, but the hoebow at your school isn't homeless so yeah. Hoebows are just perfect and the most beautiful people on earth itself. They aren't fake yet still popular. They have minimal drama for being so popular and the drama they do have is handled usually without much of a problem. Hoebows are pure and perfect and simply amazing.
New kid: ugh who should I hang with??¿! Nobody likes me so far.
Me: have you met the hoebow yet?
New kid: ?¿!??¿ No?¿
Me: you should should totally hang with our hoebow.
by definitelynotisabella February 16, 2014
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