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A female who is both a hoe and slightly retarded
B: Omg did you see Paris Hilton's sex tape?
A: I know she is a total (hoe-tard)!
by joes wifey! March 14, 2007
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a whore that is retarted, or one that is stupid.
that scanky bitch got 1.00 for that fuck, when she could have got 10.00. she's a hoe-tard!!
by nigga bitch August 26, 2004
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A Hoetard is when a person is just a complete horndogg but is to oblivous to realize it, or some one that sleeps around and then is confronted and is like really i didnt realize it. Basically a hoe that is a tard at the same time
Kelly: Does she not realize what she is doing? She sleeps with every one !!!
Jacky: I know girl its horrible she just sleeps around and acts like there is nothing wrong with it.
Tink: Hey Kelly you dont think im a hoe do you? (HoeTard)
Jacky whispers : What a complete HoeTard !!!
by CornHole44 November 04, 2009
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My hoetard ex girlfriend accused me of giving her herpes,guess she should learn to use protection
by Da Barge May 03, 2019
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A retarded hoe, a hoe that has no idea what's going on, one who when going from guy to guy could get lost.
Suzy: I can't even count the amount of guys I've banged this week!
Me: Ya because you're a hoetard
by Word genius March 30, 2015
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