A tool who's only purpose on this planet is plowing.
Jarred- Do you know where to get any hoes?

Home Depot guy- aisle 6 sir.

Jarred- thanks!
by yourmomshoe December 28, 2007
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Someone who gets with every guy she possibly can, a girl who takes plan b like it's a vitamin, a girl who hooks up with ppl who are already in a relationship, a girl who randomly walks up to a guy during gym class and suggests to hook up, LASTLY A GIRL WHO CALLS OTHER GIRLS "ugly whores" since she can't admit/ is insecure that she's a hoe herself :)
That hoe just hooked up with my boyfriend...
by S2017S December 30, 2016
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any female who would fuck anyone at any time and anywhere. a female who lets every one shes been with go in raw dawg!
Damb! there goes that hoe that tryed to get with my man.
by msplatnum03 February 02, 2004
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