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Hobocore describes a person who chooses to ride freight trains, squat, travel and stay politically minded, while making sure to drink every day. Is usually an ex dope-fiend and generally from the Midwest, though not usually found there. Dreadlocks, facial tattoos, haggard patch-pants and prison time are common, though not required. Hobocore kids are often self-proclaimed anarchists, though usually banned from the local anarchist hangouts. Hobocore music is "anarcho-crusty-folk-rap".
Shit, I ain't as dumb as you think
I can make a bomb with the shit that's under your sink...
Desperate refugee, hop a freight with me
Shoot a pack in the back of the alley
I'm not bullshitting, we really live this way
Hobocore, aka it's lil jay
by $kot May 08, 2007
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The next logical extension of emo. The idea being since, by emo standards, the best music comes from the most downtrodden people, therefore the ultimate expression will come with "packs of disaffected youths with elaborate haircuts huddling around oil drums swapping stories of sharing rail cars with Sunny Day Real Estate and passing around a bottle of moonshine cut with their own tears." Concept first introduced by the webcomic Questionable Content.
"We're not emo hobos, we're emotional hobocore."
by Rallenar June 08, 2006
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