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Hobocore describes a person who chooses to ride freight trains, squat, travel and stay politically minded, while making sure to drink every day. Is usually an ex dope-fiend and generally from the Midwest, though not usually found there. Dreadlocks, facial tattoos, haggard patch-pants and prison time are common, though not required. Hobocore kids are often self-proclaimed anarchists, though usually banned from the local anarchist hangouts. Hobocore music is "anarcho-crusty-folk-rap".
Shit, I ain't as dumb as you think
I can make a bomb with the shit that's under your sink...
Desperate refugee, hop a freight with me
Shoot a pack in the back of the alley
I'm not bullshitting, we really live this way
Hobocore, aka it's lil jay
by $kot May 08, 2007

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One who fiends for junk; i.e. heroin, smack or any other drug that is shot intravenously.
That smack head is such a dope-fiend.
by $kot May 08, 2007

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