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One of trogdor's minions. Enjoys burning down his apartment and saving nothing from the fire but his glasses.
Hobie!!!The Burninator!!!
(Hobie Sings) My name is Hobie, i burnt my house to ashes...the only thing i saved was my glasses.
by Durka Durka Hobie Jihad March 15, 2005
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A kind way to say a straight up smart ASS!! Who loves to annoy people and only lied cares about his self
Damn would you please stop being a Hobie
by Mc big wack April 14, 2015
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A hobie is a trash person, except they want you to think they're the polar opposite of that. A hobie is usually arrogant, vain, poorly-dressed, and obnoxious.
Wow, Drew is SUCH a hobie, everyone knows he works at McDonald's and dresses like a dumb 7 year old, and he SOMEHOW thinks hes great!
by LBQueen January 25, 2018
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An obnoxious, ugly, nerdy smart-ass twat who pisses off everyone who he thinks would be his friend but doesn't have any. Has an obsession with memes and star wars.
"That new kid Hobie is such a twat"
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by Handlebar CCTV October 14, 2018
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