1. v. To play a trick or a joke on someone. Very similar to a stag, only without much planning or forethought. 2. n. hoarkerization. 3. v.i. hoarkerizing, hoarkerized.
"Dude, let's hoarkerize Alan by lighting his english assignment on fire, then, when he starts freaking out, we'll piss on it to put it out!"
by JnglKng April 14, 2005
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One who coughs in a particularly nasty/disturbing manner, characterized by phlegm and most often chronic. Also has the effect of making anyone in a close vicinity cringe in disgust.
Jane's a chronic hoarker. I have to eat my lunch in the coat closet so as to not gag after one of her fits.
by Llewellyn D'shaun January 13, 2011
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