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Is the YouTube profile name for a minor celebrity on YouTube known for his kickass bass playing skills. People often confuse him for Japanese, but he's actually Korean. His real name is Hyunmo Kim.

Most of his videos features him rocking it out on bass whilst cosplaying in anime costume, particularly maid/female costumes. His favorite genres include J-rock, J-pop, traditional Korea-jazz fusion and metal.

He hopes to be "the world's greatest stupid idiot bass player", and self-styles as "H.J.Freaks, THE RATED-R Super-Stupid Bassist!"
"hjfreaks may have a wierd taste in music and crossdress as a minor-aged character from shitty anime, but boy, can he play bass".

-typical comment from his fans and viewers.
by nickodavincireborn November 04, 2010
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A controversial, Japanese man who makes youtube videos dressed in female cosplay. He scares the shit out of me, and his general audiences watch him because he plays the bass guitar along with Japanese pop songs. He is thought of as an idiot bassist.
that hjfreaks, guy is trying to grow boobs.

What a homo
by BradBaine August 10, 2010
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