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1) Horribly yet hilariously insulting slur for HIV, as defined in an episode of ABC's Scrubs.

2) Imaginary dance commonly performed by today's "youngsters," involving gyrating
"I'm sorry, I gave you the hivvy."

"Let's do the hivvy! Swing dem hips! Shake dat booty!"
by Pee Wee Herman 666 April 14, 2009
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A derogative term for another human. Referencing the H.I.V virus and how everyone hates it.

Can refer to someone who is a stain on society, a cunt amongst men or a general cancer of life.
Example number 1;

Man #1: "Haha dude, I just totally dropped someone in the shit at work."

Man#2: "Dude, you're a fucking Hivvy."

Example number 2;

Man #1: "Man, I just made a joke about Elizabeth Fritzl, and now I feel bad"

Man#2: "Haha dude, you're such a fucking Hivvy"
by iRepMorons May 06, 2011
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A medical term for the infection formerly known as "HIV". Term was first coined by the surgeon Chris Turk on the hospital documentary "Scrubs". The term in its most basic connotation, describes the disease not only medically but emotionally. It can be detected up to 87 seconds after sex and is usually characterized by unusual feelings of depression or hopelesssness in combination with excessive seepage of any kind

It is also a dance

and a gang

and a good name for a pet
Dang, I smushed with this hot piece of ass last night, but for some reason I feel all depressed today and my ass is bleeding... maybe it's hivvies :(
by Robotryceratops January 02, 2011
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