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1. Person who successfully blends the subcultures of hipster and emo. One who disregards labels and refuses to conform to one group or the other.

2. Slang term for members of society who try too hard to fit in
John: "Is that dude hipster or emo?"
Sara: "Seriously, who can even tell the difference?"
John: "Who cares, he's a hipster emo."
by snsAREdumb October 18, 2010
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Someone who has a somewhat outward appearance of an emo, but listens to hipster/indie music. Whereas people expect they listen to Black Veil Brides or My Chemical Romance(I know they aren't necessarily emo but people seem to think they are) or some other screamo music, they actually listen to other music like Toro y Moi ,Future Islands, The Vaccines, The Wombats, Fleet Foxes, or TV on the Radio etc).

or basically a hipster with emo hair,who doesn't wear weird scarves,Gigantic Bill Cosby sweaters with leggings, beanies, weird white worn out nasty converses, wolf shirts, cardigans ,saggy knit hats, pointless glasses that do nothing, plaid shirts, or weird cut off baggy shirts with weird things on it.
Emo Girl : Did you get the new BVB cd?

Hipster Emo Girl: No, I don't really listen to that type of music.

Emo Girl: I thought you did! What do you listen to?

Hipster Emo Girl: I listen to Indie music. haha Why did you think I like "That" type of music?

Emo Girl:Oh ...really??....oh I guess it was your hair.

Hipster Emo Girl: Does having my hair like this make it necessary for me to like screamo?

Emo Girl: No, i was just saying...
by IhavesidebangsBIGDEALhaha November 05, 2011
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effectively a scene kid from the mid noughties
Dave; So what is it?
Dr Parenthesis: I think it's likely to be a hybrid creature - a chimaera - part hipster, part emo - a scenester in all but name.. a hipster emo
Dave: How about hipstemo?
Dr Parenthesis: No, too close to epistemology.
by Max Biggins September 30, 2016
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