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(n) liquid LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide)
dude I just scored a vial of angel tears
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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Very strong cannabis. AKA one hit shit or heady nuggets. Usually "name brand" strains including white widow, AK-47, blueberry ect.
whose got my hippie crack?
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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a 40 drank down to the top of the label then filled with orange juice or sometimes an alcoholic energy drink such as sparks.
lets pick up some 40s and oj and drink some ghetto mimosas
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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Large ammounts of people throwing glow sticks in the air. This typically occurs at jam band shows and occurs most heavily durring climactic moments of a song.
The Phish song "Harry Hood" is known for its glow stick wars.
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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a gooey treat concisting of usually healthy items like granola, nuts and grains and sweet items like chocolate, carob, and carmel and gooey items like peanut butter, honey and butter. They almost always contain significant doses of marijuana baked right in. They were popularized and sold in Phish parking lots but now can be seen at any jam band show. Also called ganja gooballs because of the cannabis content.
Trey said, "Don't eat the brown gooballs"

heady gooballs $5!
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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1. Money. This slang has been popularized by the Rainbow Family of Living Light at rainbow gatherings and jam band concerts and festivals.

2. can also mean marijuana because at rainbow gatherings or jam band music festivals marijuana and money are often interchangeable in trades.
How much green energy do you have?
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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