hip kid and hector the raddest couple that has ever existed which are not afraid to express how much they love each other. You can find them at places like coffee shops, book stores, parks, etc. (if not they are on the phone) they love holding hands, hugging,kissing, making out, take pictures, and drink coffee.
this is they way of life.
hip kid+hector is the way to go.
by hectoroo February 14, 2008
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when some parent or adult tries to do things kids these days do to seem "cool"
"hey son see my new fidget spinner? i'm so hip with the kids #lol"
by spoopy memes October 26, 2018
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I am very kool and hip with the kids. I resonated with them when I dabbed and flossed. (They have no idea that I am 73)
by ew stop looking at my username November 28, 2019
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When you act like a child, date a underage girl, but primarily when someone fucks kids. ######swagmoney#yolo#boi
Wow see that guy over there who drives a jeep! He is getting hip with the kids every night.
by charzarding on lil peep April 4, 2018
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An Adult who tries all of their might to be trendy with kids, usually its teachers. They make terrible jokes and use phrases like "LOL" and "Hashtag" out loud in speech.
Goddamit, my dad has the WORST case of Hip-Kid Syndrome! All he talks about is his tiktok views...
by Rin hungry 4 soul May 15, 2022
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