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Usually refers to a guy's ripped obliques, which are like plainly visible arrows pointing to his happy place.
"Perfection reached up and grabbed the bar to show me the proper form when using it, and as he reached up over his head, his shirt went up and he revealed his HIP DIPS."
by CS Lee April 30, 2007
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someone who is good looking in photos and someone you totally want to get with. But when you get put face to face with her, she is totally dirty , ugly , nasty and totally not FTD (fresh to death)

hot in photos dirty in person.
some bitches are mad good at being able to HIPDIP

she was totally HIPDIP
by perdobear April 23, 2011
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someone who is brown that thinks they are really cool and"hip" in there early 30's but acutlly is a fresh dipper from india (fob)..who enjoys listening to brown radio stations like 93.1, 1600, 1200,1550 thinking they are "ballin"and likes wearing areopostale and likes to go to kabadi matches and crankcs up punajbi musicc in the car with all the windows and slows downn at the movie thearter trying to attract girls.
DIP GROCERY TIME at superstore... LETS GET OUR of 14 PACK AND SETTLE INTO OUR 7seat esclade and crank up the volume to 1600 am:)

*Hip dip sees a hot girl*
HELLO hello ji may i have jour number.
exkuse me u help..ju help me?^^

balle balle balle
by double S =] September 20, 2009
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