The disproportionate empathy extended in the direction of men we make too many excuses for.
The judge in the Brock Turner case showed excessive himpathy when he worried more about the rapist's future than the victim's.
by -Ambisinister- January 19, 2018
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Another feminist gender based insult against men, which given how gender is a social construct, and therefore supposedly doesn't exist, makes me wonder if they also hate bi-racial leprechaun unicorns. If you have ever heard of mansplaining, manterrupting, manspreading, manslamming, congratulations, you already can guess what this word in particular is about. Basically it's taking the word empathy, making it negatively gendered towards men, and now we have a word that means, if you have empathy towards a man who has suffered some sort of social or legal ill, then this means ever woman in the vicinity will end up with their knees becoming weak and watery, thereby no longer being able to support their weight whether physically or logically, and as a result of this most women will require a fainting couch, as they scream various obscenities and slurs at whoever is in the area for slights real or (more likely) imagined. This unpleasant condition is more commonly known as misogyny, and despite what you may think, has nothing to do with ill-treatment towards women given how it's been badly misused, and abused by modern-day feminists.
Guy: *insert celebrity here* is being targeted by #metoo. The problem though is everything is he said she said, and worse yet, rather than going to the police to file a report, they are instead posting on social media, about stuff that can't be proven one way or the other.

Feminist: I don't need to listen to your straight, white, male, anarcho-capitalist, patriarchal, cishet, Nazi, supporting, oppressive speech. You clearly are guilty of himpathy, given that you only care because he's a guy, and quit stare rapping me you sexist pig!

Guy: I'm sorry...this is the first time I've seen someone that is clearly cuntfused and shetarded about reality in general.

Feminist: How dare you use my gender to insult me!
by Ande86 August 25, 2018
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Sympathy for male perpetrators of violence against women, rather than for female victims of male violence. It is mostly displayed in rape and domestic violence cases, resulting in a slap on the wrist, if anything.
Example of himpathy:

Mother: Your honor, this man kidnapped and raped my daughter at gunpoint and has shown no remorse. Please hold him accountable by sentencing him to prison.
Judge: Prison would be very hard on him and cost him his job. The poor man has suffered enough already. I'm sentencing him to 6 months of probation.
Mother: But your honor, what about my daughter?
Judge: Well maybe she shouldn't have been wearing a skirt. She was clearly asking for it. Next case.
by qbdkusoemv May 9, 2020
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