A slackline taken to heights falling from would be fatal. Requires a leash and harness for experienced slackliners and only the greatest go free solo. No beginners.

Rigging a highline involves multiplying, equalizing and stabilizing huge forces on anywhere from the sides of cliffs to the tops of spires. Highlines have been rigged between trees, over rivers and across massive canyons.

At the time of this post, no one has ever died from highlining, because those that rig highlines are extremely experienced.
Andy Lewis, Jerry Miszewski and Damian Cooksey are some of the best highliners in the world.

"Highlining is one inch from flying." ~Andy Lewis
by TheGrainmaker October 17, 2010
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adj. high class, high roller's, wear the best clothing ie versace, gucci, armani, fcuk, j crew, banana republic
Noun. cool, good deal overall UNBELIEVABLE
i just bought myself a fine pair of prada shoes
Highline augi. look up augi
by Armenian GOD April 17, 2003
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A school in burien Washington that doesnt haze and welcomes everyone ragardless of race, culture or identity. Its a great environment and the school spirit and tradition are rich. The education system is very steady and graduation rates have increased rapidly. Great school, only problem are the constant fire alarm pulls and the 90 year old school building. But hey, chief sealth has fights daily, tyee has dropouts daily, kennedy has school shootings daily, foster is filled with drug dealers daily, mount ranier has rapes daily and evergreen has all of that combined daily. So...
Aviation dood: I'm transfering to highline high school

by grodgers December 7, 2016
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It is located in Burien WA and it is the most amazing school in the world. Focuses on the needs of students and their career choices. Helps students 1 on 1 to get that help that they truly need. Class sizes are small and they stay small. Tuesdays and Thursdays are internship days which is where students go out into the real world and experience hands on learning based on their interests. Definitely would recommend your child to go there!!!
It's a non-traditional high school - Highline Big Picture High School.
by BPFAM December 14, 2013
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