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can you say ghetto? highline is filled with a very diverse crowd. however, is deffinatley filled with the ghetto thugs of burien, white center and even west seattle. if you walk down the "open"(yes open hallways, the schools to damn poor for enclosed hallways) you will see groups of black people & immigrants posted up against rails and walls; watching you as you walk by. then you also have your occasional white normandy park people who try to fit in, but really are better off at mount rainer.
(highline high school) picture entering richmond or compton california and your white; trying to live a life their.
by trigoname February 16, 2009
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A school in burien Washington that doesnt haze and welcomes everyone ragardless of race, culture or identity. Its a great environment and the school spirit and tradition are rich. The education system is very steady and graduation rates have increased rapidly. Great school, only problem are the constant fire alarm pulls and the 90 year old school building. But hey, chief sealth has fights daily, tyee has dropouts daily, kennedy has school shootings daily, foster is filled with drug dealers daily, mount ranier has rapes daily and evergreen has all of that combined daily. So...
Aviation dood: I'm transfering to highline high school

by grodgers December 06, 2016
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