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when more than 5 people know about something that is supposedly low-key
i was tryna keep that shit low key, but now too many people know and its high key
by jaymagic January 03, 2016
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when somethin needs to be said outloud so every can here; opposite of low key
aye high key tho, that female is extra fine
by H-Weezy January 02, 2009
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If we say a painting is "high-key" we mean that most or all of the image is light or pale in value. For example, colours mixed with white, called "pastels" or "tints", are high-key. It's the opposite of "low-key", of course.
"That painting is very high-key!"
by LeonaLejon June 23, 2005
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when someone or something is riskayy and/ or likely to get caught in the act opposite of low key
Drinking a keystone with a car full or people blasting music with the windows down late at night is high key.
by smelly1222 October 26, 2008
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When you trying to go to a place, but not on the lowkey soo you know, the opposite.
1Yo dawg, you went to that rave? Yea, it was pretty Highkey. OH WOW ! 2 Ey Aubrey, how is the park right now? Its Highkey as faq. Damn, maybe we should find somewhere else.
by Txukasa December 28, 2015
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The opposite of Lowkey.

Straight up.

The truth.

Stating truth.

"That bitch be hella fine!" - Bro

"Highkey bruh! Look at that ass!" - Homie

"Im tryna smoke yo" - Stoner

"Want some tree?" - Dealer

"Highkey." - Stoner
by King Perlow March 09, 2012
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Being extremely mad, and showing it through facial expression or behaviour
"Leo was so pissed at you!"
"Yeh, he was high key"
by Catez Toni January 06, 2018
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