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High functioning retard. A "special person" who almost passes muster but makes you glace askance at them and blink rapidly once they open their mouth. (e.g. an evolutionized idiot).
Mary: "Hello, On-Star, I locked my keys in my Kia."
On-Star Operator: "Ma'am, please pull on the handle and step out of the vehicle. Daym you're an hfr girl."
Mary: "Inaudible gurgling".
by mackometer June 18, 2009
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He Fucks Redheads. The origin of this comes from the early days of the vikings, when all the most desirable females were red headed. It was originally Ha Frook Rutabaga, but over the years it has developed into what is known as today.
Blonde chick: Yo that dude is damn fine! Do you think he'd go for me?
Friend: No, HFR...
Blonde chick: Shits.
by FrYend October 29, 2010
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Handys from Randys
Dude did you hear JP got three HFRs last night?

No but I did hear that he got some serious dome.
by Clark Daving April 06, 2009
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Acronym for Huge Fucking Router. Cisco denied this internal name was used, instead insisting that HFR stood for Huge Fast Router.
You can view all sorts of video on the Internet thanks to HFR's -- HUGE FUCKING ROUTERS!
by pokeystad March 09, 2010
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Health, fitness, and recreation. It's a high school course, but it's probably used in more than just high school.
I get HFR credits for doing darts.
by dontyattmedale May 01, 2019
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