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A rude way to get a girl's attention when you don't know her name.
Used by girls and boys.
Girl 1: Hey girl! What's the homework?
Girl 2: Well...I have a name.
Girl 1: Ah whatever, I'll ask someone else. HEY GIRL OVER THERE!
Girl 2: -_____-
by a sarcastic kid January 15, 2009
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A way of getting a girls attention, when you don't know her. A way of trying to show her you like what you see, but know your not actually going to impress her. Usually done when she can't hear you or your driving by.
1. Hey girl! What yo name is?

2. Hey girl! Hit me up with them digits sometime, ok?!
by B-Dig November 04, 2009
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Refer to members of upper-middle class Jetta-driving, American Eagle or Hollister brand-donning female groups aged 18-25 having straw-like, chemically-processed hair (frequently blonde but a dark brown is also common), orangish-brown pigmented skin that seldom occurs naturally and so is produced by means of lying in a box-like bed equipped with ultraviolet lamps for extended periods of time. Noted for their daft behavior, musclehead consort see: <i>bro</i> and high-pitched voice accompanied by an audible emission of breath.
find a heygirl: google cabo spring break
by Julianna Lisenby October 21, 2007
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hey laura just lettin ya know i love ya and thnx for bein ther for me!<3 ME*
We gonna have sum crazy times comin up hell ya!
by kaylen December 03, 2003
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