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A loud place with strange children runnning amuck and a creepy guy in a mouse suit.
Also a place where they get away for selling plastic pieces of crap for 300+ tickets.
Why not go to Chuck E Cheese?
by a sarcastic kid October 01, 2008

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A rude way to get a girl's attention when you don't know her name.
Used by girls and boys.
Girl 1: Hey girl! What's the homework?
Girl 2: Well...I have a name.
Girl 1: Ah whatever, I'll ask someone else. HEY GIRL OVER THERE!
Girl 2: -_____-
by a sarcastic kid January 15, 2009

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The one dance that EVERYONE knows how to do.
Mainly because the lyrics are literally telling you how to do the dance.
Cha cha slide
Slllliiiideee to the left!
Slllliiiideee to the right!
by a sarcastic kid May 18, 2009

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When your gas meter is flat on "Empty", but you're still moving, unsure when you're going to run outta gas.
You: Dude...we're out of gas.
Me: For real...we're sucking fumes here.
by a sarcastic kid January 05, 2009

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A bright light, such as security lights or a streetlight, that makes it impossible to get a good look at the stars.
You: Damn! The streetlights just came on! What a star bummer.
Me: They won't be on for long, fetch my BB gun!
by a sarcastic kid January 10, 2009

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