a freindly greeting to someone in a childlike manner : )
hewo evrybody im back from my vacation
by Que esta Tomas January 23, 2008
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Another way of pronounciating hello.

A term that I've been using for awhile...
guy 1: *walks in room*
guy 1: hewo everyone!
guy 2: hi!
guy 3: hey whats up?
by SawJai June 2, 2004
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hewo is a shortening of 'hello'
hewo guy!!
by bravekid600 May 28, 2020
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movie on dementedpanda.com that makes no sense whatsoever.
Hewo wittle fishies. HEWO!!!!!
by DaChazman September 1, 2004
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The term 'hewo' is basically the same as the word 'Hello', but said in a more child-like manner. (mainly used by furries and anime weebs) be careful if you use this term, you may not get friends.
Random Furry girl on Discord: ''Hewo STAR_PLAYER156!''

STAR_PLAYER156: ew. stay away from me- are you like; 5?!

Random furry girl on Discord: But the Urban Dictionary said you can use it because it's the same as the word 'Hello'!?

STAR_PLAYER156: Stupid girl. Didn't you read the rest of it?
by seizaa_23 April 11, 2022
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“Hewo” is basically saying “hello” in a childlike manner.
Guy 1: hi!
Guy 2:hewo, I’m back!
by Xxcup_cake970xX July 19, 2020
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Another way to say hello commonly used by babies
Hewo mummy
by Vemia June 26, 2018
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