Having or expressing sexual attraction to ogres of the opposite corresponding gender. Heteroshreksuals often associate sexually with anything relating to the Dreamworks movie "Shrek".
Person1: "Holy shit, Shrek is so hot"
Person2: "Are you Heteroshreksual or something???"

Person1: "Damn, I heard he beats of to All-Star by Smashmouth"
Person2: "Bruh.. that's hardcore heteroshreksual... He must be pretty eager it get his donkey in someone's swamp..."
by ANDROID POWER!!! March 20, 2019
Having an undying attraction to the popular dreamworks character shrek and only shrek.
The power of his green hands captivate your love and attention.
Son: “Hey mum...”
Mum: “yes my sweet child”
Son: “I think I’m heteroshreksual
Mum: “Get our my house”
by CreamSylasEggnogButterFingers December 1, 2019