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derived from the amalgamation of the terms hero and slut, a heroslut is a hero of such colossal proportions that their heroic attitude and behavior accounts for everything they say or do.

A heroslut will certainly depend on facebook as an outlet for detailing their heroics, with constant heroslut status updates and facebrags about their heroslut happenings that will surely involve a heroslut motor vehicle (A motor vehicle is considered a heroslut motor vehicle when it becomes relied upon by the heroslut in order to nourish his or her herosluttiness).

Herosluts have absolutely no level of self-awareness regarding their heroslut nature; their psyche has devolved to the point of lacking one altogether, and their personality is a construct of emotional dependence upon what their heroslut peers think of their latest car part, what car they should buy next, what β€œcamber” the wheels should be at for best "dori" action, where they can park their cars so that the Google maps cameras will get a picture of them, etc- every idea equally as worthless as the one before, right back to the worthless heroslut.

Most herosluts are teenybopper trash, and grow out of their tragic affliction; however as unfortunate as it may seem, some herosluts will not let go of their heroslut ways well into their early or late twenties. Although inbreeding amongst the heroslut population is quite rampant, processes of natural selection such as the road toll tend to work in favour of the common good.
Heroslut status update: ":( :( the google maps car went past my house and my car wasn't in the driveway!"

Heroslut status update: "anyone up for some dori in their fully sik epic 180sx?"

Heroslut status update: "xyz xyz xyz <insert any number of variable topics here> xyz xyz my car / with my car / my car"

Heroslut status update: "fk my fully sik japcrap heroslut car was defected for xyz <insert any number of useless heroslut car modifications here>"

Heroslut status update: "perception vs reality" (a heroslut pretending to be Gandhi)
by little zohair February 21, 2010
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