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the prettiest little girl in the world.. she's very quiet, sweet, and smart. she always wears slippers and bows
herman "who is that pretty girl over there?? she's the best!"

mom "that is lady hermance.. come along, I'll introduce you!"
by LOUIS S June 19, 2008
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from colloquial bromance (an intense friendship between guys) and the Spanish "hermana, hermano"
a gender-neutral bromance; a friendship between any two (or, plausibly, more) people that stretches the boundaries of a normal friendship without becoming a romantic relationship
pronunciation: hermance, ehrmance, airmance
"Genna and Dave aren't dating, are they? Because I swear they're dating."
"Naw, man, they just have a super intense hermance."
by g76r5 June 21, 2012
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