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A short angry man with a passion for cleaning and poop jokes. Needs Hanji to get on his horse, but is still humanity's finest. He never smiles, but he still looks fabulous even when beating the crap out of that little brat Yeager.
Look at heichou's butt! It's probably humanity's finest...
by Armin Arlett August 07, 2014
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A short lil' man who'll beat the absolute shit out of anyone if necessary . He needs a squad who WON'T die but still serves as Humanity's Strongest. He has to babysit a 17 year old titan shifter and has beat him as well. He likes poop jokes and short horses and cleaning as well. His actual name is Rivialle or Levi Ackerman. *He's also french
Random person: I'm gonna die...
Heichou: Well, don't get any blood on the floor, I just swept.
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by RandomOtaku March 12, 2017
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A short lil' French man also known as Levi Ackerman or Rivalle who enjoys cleaning. He can't and probably won't ever get a completely accurate fanfiction unless it's written by Isayama himself. He's somewhat Hanji's friend and will beat the shit out of you. People from what I have seen commonly ship him with Perta, Hanji, Erwin, or Eren.
Fangirl: " How I wish I could meet my true love Heichou. He'll be the best boyfriend EVER for me. One sec, I have to make a inaccurate fanfiction about him.
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by butterscotch.pup May 15, 2018
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Heichou means a short angry elf who likes to clean and make poop jokes. He can somehow get on his horse without hesitation, don't ask me. I'm just the delivery guy.
U-..Uh! Sir, Heichou! My name is Eren Yeager.. And I'm in love with you!
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by NomNomMarshmellow February 28, 2017
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