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a girl between the ages of 13 and 35 who is slightly obsessed with making stupid jokes that everyone will laugh at, flapping her eyelashes, being pretty, and giggling a lot
"With her short skirt and bad GPA, Jennifer qualified as a hee-hee girl perfectly."
by Lisa Barfield December 19, 2006
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n. or adj An annoying female, usually a member of the species prepis generalis. Characterized by their piercing, high-pitched giggling. These squeaky vocalizations are usually made in the presence of males to serve as a not-so-subtle mating display designed to entice the most primitive, devolved specimens, such as the jock.

The hee hee girl is a highly flighty, social creature that tends to travel in packs, or gaggles. Their habitat of choice will be the shopping mall, high school hallway, nightclub or other socially-charged environment. They tend to adorn themselves with rather dull yet rarified plumage with prominant brand markings, which they procure at great cost. This showy display of disposable wealth serves as a symbol of status based on the very banal and superficial standards of their kind.

Because she has adapted to wasting all her energy on the cultivation of her outward appearance with little time devoted to the inner life of the mind, the hee hee girl is among the least intelligent and most simplistic of all the human organisms, and should generally be avoided.

alternate spelling/prnounciation: tee hee girl
hee-hee girl: omg, Chandra, I sooo love that cardigan you got at Abercrombie and Fitch. That's hot! Heehee!
astute passerby: Heads up, there's a gaggle of hee-hee girls at twelve o'clock.
by Dovetchka December 26, 2005
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