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Student in McMaster University's Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) program. Pretentious to the extreme and may verbally abuse people from other faculties. All are medical school hopefuls and would murder their next of kin for a spot in a medical school.

Not really street smart.
"That health sci over there has an A average but doesn't know how to cross the street without his/her mother."


The health sci said, "Don't worry I'm almost a doctor!" after 2 months of his first year of undergrad.
by Mark71728 March 28, 2008
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People who get upset when they cannot obtain a 12 in non-health sci courses, so much so that they cry to the professors. Synonym to penis-head.
I once overheard a health sci while speaking to a professor about a 9 on a test, "Are you serious that you won't change my grade to a 12? *begins crying* But I ALWAYS get 12's!"
by non-health sci November 20, 2008
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