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Head Loss is defined as:
1. To move a given volume of liquid through a pipe requires a certain amount of energy. An energy or pressure difference must exist to cause the liquid to move. A portion of that energy is lost to the resistance to flow. This resistance to flow is called head loss due to friction.


2. When she doesn't finish sucking on yo dick when she be giving you a blowjob so now you have blue balls which sucks.
Katherine couldn't fucking finish me out last night and now I have a serious case of head loss. My balls are 'bout to explode from the pain. *Thinks to self* "FUCKING SWALLOW YOU BITCH."
by Hilarious Highschooler May 25, 2016
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When you're incensed to such an extent that your head is literally gone and all rational activity is replaced by rash, emotional decisions.
She told me she didn't love me; such headloss.
by evian the clown October 04, 2016
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